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Welcome to Sanatorio de Contratacion E.S.E.

fot001Welcome to the official web site of the SANATORIO DE CONTRATACION E.S.E. , Social Enterprise of the State , has the Public Service to charge of the State , in subject of health relationaded with the illness in Hansen in whole national territory. Also it's autorized to have the services corresponds to the First level of attention to the whole population.

Are locate in the Contratacion municipe , Santander , colombia ,and went founded by Decrete No 2470 of 1968.

Invite you to watch our web site is avaible to put to your disposition all the information and a tool of communication with our costumers .

In the last attention received in the SANATORIO DE CONTRATACION E.S.E.. To who calificate like a lender of excelent service.

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News and Events

  • Contraception, easy to forget what


    According to WHO, Latin America and the Caribbean is the only region in which the rate of unwanted pregnancies is higher than the rate of unplanned pregnancies.
    The agency identified that of 72 per 1,000 pregnant women between 15 and 44 were not looking for motherhood, while unwanted pregnancies are 52 women for every thousand.
    The figure is disturbing, especially if it is linked to the fact that many of these processes occur in pregnancy under...

  • The skin shows signs of illness


    Much has been made of the skin. Known as the largest organ of the body and the first media nonverbal of all human beings.
    Hence the importance of keep it clean, smooth and hopefully as a baby.
    Even skin sometimes load with the weight of vanity, that it proposes to tan all costs, because that is achieved more beautiful, they say, do not know who.
    However, this desire to be more 'beautiful', men and women, have fallen into disrepair and the vice o...

  • Breast cancer can be detected with a blood test


    A blood test could become a diagnostic technique for breast cancer more effective than mammograms, said Wednesday a team of British researchers funded by the charity Cancer Research UK.
    The clinical study, by the University of Leicester (northern England) and Imperial College London, will begin in the coming weeks in the diagnostic breast cancer Charing Cross Hospital of London.
    Scientists take blood samples from the women who come to this hosp...



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Sanatorio de Contratación E.S.E.
Calle 3 No. 2-72, Contratación, Santander.
(57+7) 7171365  Fax: (57+7) 7171200 - Movil 312 - 5830372

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Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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